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Tad Cornwell

From crayons, paints, and t-squares, to X-acto® knives, Pantone® books and mouse-clicks I’ve been creative since I could spoon food into my mouth. I would draw for hours on scrap paper my dad would bring home from work. I once drew a realistic portrait of my 4th grade teacher that even surprised me.

I’m constantly observing the world around me from near to far tucking bits away in my visual memory bank. I consider creative problem solving an opportunity to ‘play’ while others might regard it as ‘work’. The tangible and tactile is my favorite arena, though the digital realm can be fun as well. Finding the edges and sometimes crossing beyond them to reach meaningful and creative solutions are challenges I crave and excel at.

I’m an early riser and prefer sunrises. My favorite font is Futura. I can flint knap an arrow point. I’ve held my breath for four minutes. I can wield a fountain pen as well as a sword. I’m ambidextrous. While I can manage anchor points and handles with ease, I can deftly use a no.2 pencil to sketch my way out of a [doubled] paper bag. Having stood on a 14,000+ foot summit more than once, I value the journey just as much as, if not more than, reaching a goal. Pain, struggle, exhaustion, and occasionally failure are all part of the game.

Sagacious. Curious. Visual-centric. That’s part of who I am.




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